V 1.0.4 May 2024

Release: Font Customization, Switch Profile


Font Customization

  • Font customization refers to the ability to choose and modify the typeface (font family) and typographic elements used throughout the Omniva platform. Implementing font customization enhances visual appeal, readability, and brand consistency.

  • In the Appearance section of settings here the user updates their font and sees the preview of the font through the screen.

  • Added five more colors to the platform for enhanced customization options.

Switch Profile

  • The "Switch Profile" feature allows users to switch between profiles: Admin, provider, and patient.

  • Super admin grants users permission to switch profiles.

  • Role Management: Super admins can view and edit users, assigning multiple roles like admin, provider, and patient.

  • Profile Switching: Users switch between roles via a dropdown menu on their profile icon.

  • First-Time Setup: Initial switches to provider or patient roles require completing a setup form, which can be resumed if partially filled.

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