⛰️V 1.0.6 July 2024

Release: Feature control, Default customized clinic settings, Multiple Insurance


🎛️ Feature Control

  • Overview: The latest update introduces a new feature control functionality that allows Super Admins to enable or disable specific sections (mood, goal, diary, and articles) within the platform.

  • User Interface Changes:

    • Patients: The dashboard adjusts to show only enabled sections (Mood, Goal, Diary, Articles).

    • Providers: Patient list updates to show only enabled tabs.

    • Admins: The patient list reflects the toggled settings, showing or hiding sections accordingly.

♨️Clinic Specific Settings

  • Overview: Existing features now include options to choose between default and customized settings when adding a new clinic, adjusting the appearance and editability of fields based on the selection.

  • Adding Clinic: During clinic creation, a radio button allows selection between "Default" and "Custom."

    • Default: By default, "Default" is selected, making fields non-editable and fetching theme color and logo from super admin settings.

    • Custom Option: If "Custom" is selected, all fields become editable with default values populated from super admin settings. Admins can choose to edit any or all fields, and unedited fields will retain super admin defaults.

  • Appearance Settings: Super admin and clinic admin can also select between "Default" and "Custom" options.

✖️Multiple Insurance

  • Overview: This feature allows admin to set up multiple insurance plans to cover services at different percentage amounts. It provides detailed management of insurance information and enhances the user experience for both service providers and patients.

  • Service Management: Admins can categorize services as "Paid" or "Covered," with the latter allowing detailed insurance coverage options.

  • Appointment Payment: Patients can select an insurance plan during booking, with real-time calculations of the payable amount based on coverage.

  • Profile Editing of Patient: Admins and patients can add and edit insurance details, including information for dependents.

  • Profile Editing of Provider: Provider can add and edit acceptance insurance details.

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