☄️V 1.0.2 May 2024

Release: Free trial period, Amplitude Implementation, Facebook and Google ad tracking, Web - UI/UX Update


Free Trial Period

  • Our Omniva platform offers a 14-day free trial to new clients.

  • The countdown begins on the first day of onboarding, and a banner will be displayed to the admin, reminding them of the number of days left.

  • Once the trial ends, clients must subscribe to a plan to continue using the system.

Amplitude Integration

  • Amplitude is an event-based analytics tool that tracks user behaviour in real time by analyzing their interactions with our Omniva product.

  • Below are the key events tracked by Amplitude:

    1. Sign Up: Records when a user creates a new account on the Omniva platform.

    2. Login: Tracks user logins to the Omniva platform.

    3. Switch Profile: Monitors instances where users switch between different profiles on the platform.

    4. Upgrade: Records when a user clicks on the upgrade button.

    5. New form: Captures the creation of a new form on the platform. Such as adding provider, add patients, creating E-form, and add appointment by admin.

    6. Form Submit: Tracks when a user submits a form.

    7. Form Next: Track when a user clicks on the next button in a form.

    8. Edit Appearance: Track where users modify the appearance settings.

    9. Patient add Appointment: Tracks when a patient adds an appointment.

    10. Patient Appointment Scheduled: Tracks when a patient schedules an appointment.

    11. Provider Appointment Approve: Tracks when a provider approve the appointment.

    12. Provider Appointment Decline: Track when a provider declines an appointment.

Facebook and Google ad tracking

  • This feature helps us track which ads users come from.

  • Users clicking on ads are now seamlessly redirected to "omnivatelehealth.com", where their Google and Facebook keys are stored in cookies.

  • These keys are then utilized for data extraction and dashboard creation. Optimize our ad strategy with ease!


UI/UX Update

  • This update is done for the consulting provider, referring provider and patient.

  • To enhance Omniva's UI/UX, we will update the typography, side menu, header, dashboard, forms, dropdown UI, tables, pop-ups, sidebar, and pagination.

  • These enhancements will improve the platform's usability, functionality, and visual appeal.

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